See What’s Inside Loot Crate’s “Cyber” Box For June 2015 [Review]

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The Terminator Genisys release is only days away and Loot Crate’s “Cyber” box for June 2015 definitely taps into the excitement. Let’s see what’s inside shall we?


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The Terminator Genisys Endo Skull Replica is a Loot Crate exclusive. It smells like it was painted only hours before being put into the box.

There’s also something interesting that you can do with it, but more on that later.

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The Terminator Genisys Brain Chip Keychain is another Loot Crate exclusive.

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The Borderlands Zer0 Game Mat is pretty badass and big at 10″ x 12″. There’s also a glow-in-the-dark circuit gadget pouch and a Blade Runner Future Replicant Tyrell Corporation Logo Patch.


A Transformers/TRON-inspired shirt.

cyber 7

What’s this now?

cyber 3

Oooh, Battlestar Galactica Cylon target poster replicas. Perfect for Nerf gun target practice in my office.


As always, the Loot Crate boxes can be transformed into something fun. Using scissors, you can turn it into a display stand for your Endo Skull replica. Clever.


The “Cyber” crate was a winner. I love it when these boxes contain a mix of stuff that’s both useful and fun while touching on several of my favorite fandoms. This month’s crate was definitely well thought out.

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Check out our past Loot Crate reviews to get a better idea of what a subscription is all about.

And don’t forget that one lucky looter will find an epic Mega Crate on their doorstep!


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