Man Forced To Sell 661 Pounds Of LEGO Bricks To Save Marriage

lego wedding

It’s hard to picture what 661 pounds of LEGO bricks look like, but one man in Sweden is trying to sell that amount on Blocket. His wife is apparently over the toys, and the man’s listing stated:

You can make a difference! Save my marriage. The old bag said last Friday ‘now get this shit out.’ I don’t know if it was me or the Lego she was talking about but I think it was the Lego.

He’s asking $11,500 for the entire lot (no breaking it up), and it comes with bricks, tires, instructions, sets, and more.

It’s tempting to assume the wife is mean – and she could be – but we don’t know the entire story. Maybe the husband leaves the LEGO bricks strewn about the house, and she steps on them every single day. That would be enough to send me into a flying rage, too. Those frakking things hurt!

(The Local via Gizmodo, photo by srslyguys)


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