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Help Make This MST3K: Satellite Of Love LEGO Set Happen


Official MST3K Lego sets are, to put it mildly, a longshot—but it’s fun to dream about.

Clearly, harsh reality hasn’t deterred Sparkless9 who delivered another MST3K concept that focuses on the entire Satellite of Love. Features include:

The main characters from MST3K including Joel Robinson, Mike Nelson, Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo, Gypsy, Cambot, Dr. Clayton Forrester, TV’s Frank, Pearl Forrester, the Observer, and Professor Bobo.

The two classic rooms: The front top sphere is the bridge where the host segments are carried out, this includes invention exchanges and comedy routines between breaks in the movie. The second room in the back top sphere is the Mystery Science Theater itself, where Joel, Mike, and the Bots are forced to watch the B movies. Currently, they are being entertained by the infamous Manos: The Hands of Fate.

Two extra rooms: Though the lower two spheres are unexplained in the show, they have been fitted to include aspects of the show for this set. In the front bottom sphere is Deep 13, it’s where Dr. Clayton Forrester and TV’s Frank reside and send movies up to the Satellite of Love. The last room is in the back bottom sphere, within lies Castle Forrester where Pearl Forrester, the Observer, and Professor Bobo send movies up to the Satellite of Love for the last few seasons while advancing their goal to rule the world.

The Lego Satellite of Love holds a sturdy design that meets the needs for both model display and play.

It also has a very detailed exterior and interior design of all rooms; almost every aspect of this set is accurate to the show.

All sides of each sphere are easily removable and re-attachable to allow space for play and viewing. Each sphere may be completely removed entirely if one wishes, remove the back of the theater room and place your phone behind it instead, this allows you to watch an MST3K episode on your phone along with your Lego characters.

Lego MST3K - Joel

Lego MST3K - Mike

Lego MST3K - The Bots

Lego MST3K - Back View

Lego MST3K - Deep 13

Lego MST3K - Doors Closed

Lego MST3K - Doors Open

Lego MST3K - Forrester Castle

Lego MST3K - Front  View

Lego MST3K - Movie Sign

Lego MST3K - Theater

Lego MST3K - Theme

You can support the project by heading over to LEGO Ideas.


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