See What’s Inside Nerd Block’s “British Invasion” Box For June 2015 [Review]


The Nerd Block Classic Box for June is all about British television—which is great because British fandoms are some of my favorite kinds of fandoms.

Check out what’s inside after the break…




Ooh, we’re off to a good start. Ten is my Doctor. This Titan vinyl figure is a Nerd Block exclusive.

nerdblock 2

I probably won’t be wearing this shirt around town but, much like the show, I’ll happily accept any scrap of Sherlock when I can get it.

nerdblock 3

The Doctor Who art print is great but I’m going to enjoy the Monty magnets the most. My fridge poetry will make my wife think I’ve gone insane.

nerdblock 4

Mr Bean! The bendable is fun but I’ll have to keep his teddy away from my dog. She was eyeballing it pretty hard.


Again, I’m a huge fan of British television so this Nerd Block box was right up my alley. You’re mileage may vary but, honestly, if you haven’t been Sherlocked or Whovian-ized yet then you’re not really living. And don’t even get me started on Monty Python.

If you would like to give a Nerd Block subscription a shot, head on over to the website and use the code “NERD2015” to get 10% off.

Keep in mind that Nerd Block subscribers have the advantage of being able to subscribe to several different themed boxes that include an Comic Block, Arcade Block, Horror Block and Classic Block. There are also Jr. Blocks for kids.


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