Nerd Block’s Classic Mystery Box For February 2015 Reviewed


We got our hands on Nerd Block’s Classic Box for February 2015, and if you’re thinking about a subscription and want to see what’s inside, follow along after the break.




Nerd Block has three exclusive Breaking Bad-themed Titan vinyl figures in boxes this month: Walter, Jesse and Saul. Personally, I think we got the best of the three.


Another Star Wars #1 variant for collectors.


A drum kit stationary set that includes drumstick pencils. Something to annoy your co-workers with.



Nerd Block has introduced their “Nerd Play” trading card series that features some of the world’s best cosplayers on 144 collectible cards. We’re big into cosplay, so we dug ’em (your milage may vary). We also got lots of Leeanna Vamp cards—which I’m totally cool with.


Exclusive Flashsicle shirt: Awesome.


This month’s Block includes the premiere of exclusive Cliccors desktop toys that bend and click into different shapes. I like to fidget with toys like this while I work, so it’s a useful little addition.


Overall, we were pleased with the stuff that came in our first Nerd Block box, but I would have to give Loot Crate the edge this month. Still, Nerd Block subscribers have the advantage of being able to subscribe to several different themed boxes that include an Arcade Block, Horror Block and Classic Block. There are also Jr. Blocks for kids.

If you would like to give a Nerd Block subscription a shot, head on over to the website and use the code “NERD2015” to get 10% off.


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