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New Nerf Accustrike Blasters Have Darts With Vastly Improved Accuracy


Planning on waging a Nerf war? You might want to postpone the skirmish until spring of 2017—that’s when Nerf is going to release their new line of “Accustrike” blasters, and they include radically redesigned darts that vastly improve accuracy.


Apparently, the designers at Nerf spent two years redesigning their dart so it has better balance, a more even weight distribution, and a more aerodynamic tip. These darts work with any blaster that shoots Elite darts, but Nerf has released a whole line of blasters under the Accustrike brand.


The $30 N-Strike Elite Alphahawk boasts a five-shot rotating drum and a cool bolt-action style slide.


The $15 N-Strike Elite Falconfire is a single-fire-style blaster that comes with six darts (two of which can be stored at the bottom).


The $20 Rebelle Focusfire Crossbow features a five-shot drum-style magazine.


The Rebelle Truepoint runs for only $10, but don’t let the affordable price fool you: this single-shot pistol also fires off a red beam (not a laser, just a simple light), so it makes aiming a little easier.

(via Gizmodo)


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