Can’t Wait For Age Of Ultron? Check Out Some Scenes In LEGO Form

LEGO thor hawkeye

Not that the upcoming sets from LEGO’s Age of Ultron line, as displayed at this weekend’s New York Toy Fair 2015, are particularly spoiler-y, but they do all depict scenes from the movie, and I know some people tend to get spoilerphobic, so: Fair warning. There’s an Ant-Man set pictured as well.

Now, question: Is Thor’s Fabio-esque plastic mane enough for him to take the title of Greatest Minifig Ever (clearly–look at that face) from Hawkeye? And had there ever been a more badass minifig than Black Widow? Check ’em out behind the cut.

2015-03-18 14.36.49

2015-03-18 14.37.01

2015-03-18 14.37.13

2015-03-18 14.37.44

2015-03-18 14.37.58

2015-03-18 14.38.45

2015-03-18 14.38.58

2015-03-18 14.39.10

Pictured: LEGO Scarlet Witch getting her Palpatine on.

2015-03-18 14.39.21

2015-03-18 14.40.00

2015-03-18 14.40.13

2015-03-18 14.40.24

2015-03-18 14.40.38

The truck reads “Cho Research.”

2015-03-18 14.41.13

2015-03-18 14.41.25

All pictures by Rebecca Pahle.


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