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Pacific Rim’s Cherno Alpha In Glorious LEGO

cherno alpha lego 1

Pacific Rim’s giant Jaegers were mesmerizing to watch. The most solid of the robots seemed to be Russia’s Cherno Alpha; she looks tough and fierce. LEGO builder Jason Corlett fell for the Jaeger and decided he needed to build a LEGO version. I support his choice completely.

He spent about 70 hours on the project and churned out an almost three foot tall, bricktastic replica. Though he didn’t count the pieces as he stacked and built, he estimates there are at least 5,000. I’m not sure how this version would stand up to a Kaiju attack, but I feel like it would look pretty awesome on a coffee table.

See more pictures of this awesome mech after the break.

cherno alpha lego 2

cherno alpha lego 3

cherno alpha lego 4

cherno alpha lego 5

cherno alpha lego 6

(The Escapist via Gizmodo)


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