See What’s Inside The Second Installment Of The Power Up Box [Review]


We reviewed the first ever Power Up Box last month and thought the newest nerdy subscription service on the block was off to a good start. Did they maintain that momentum with their second installment?

Find out after the break…

powerup 5



Themes are generally a major part of the subscription box experience, but Power Up Box hasn’t really followed that trend. The boxes seem to be filled with fairly random nerdery—though several products in this box were focused on Star Wars.

Here we have some Angry Birds Star Wars-themed notebooks and an oversized novelty pen. I’m pretty much done with Angry Birds, but at least these items aren’t completely useless.

powerup 3

Why the hell is this shirt white? I mean, the fact that this shirt isn’t black made absolutely no sense to me. It’s a knock around shirt at best that will become a rag as soon as it stains—which won’t take long.

powerup 2

A Star Wars puzzle and issue #4 of the comic—nothing wrong with that.

powerup 4

Randomness: Some gummy bug candies and The Nightmare Before Christmas socks.


Randomness: I have to admit that the mug was my favorite thing in the box. The Frankenstein Jr. & The Impossibles Pop figure? Not so much.


This Premium Power Up Box was crammed with stuff, but it had a bargain bin feel to it in our opinion. Definitely not as strong as the first installment. Hopefully they will get back on track with box #3.

If you would like to try out Power Up Box for yourself, you can save 10% off the first month of your subscription using the code “NerdApproved” at checkout. You can also send a subscription as a gift.

There’s also a special section for Pop vinyl collectors.

Keep in mind that offerings are two-tiered: A Deluxe Box with 4-6 items ($19.95 plus $6.95 shipping) and a Premium Box with 6-9 items ($29.95 plus $9.95 shipping).


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