Print Your Own Curved Lego: The Future is Here!


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Build the Death Star!!

We’ve been reporting about all the creative stuff people have been building with 3D printers before, and before that, and before that. But this is possibly the most important achievement in all of 3D printing history!

Jan Jurjen Zwaard has taken 3D printed curved Lego to the next level.

Check out more orbicular awesomeness after the break.


In a recent interview with, Zwaard explains that he was inspired by Steve Medwin’s original design.

“I downloaded it and printed it, but I could not properly use them because I couldn’t remove the supports properly. Furthermore I missed some sizes and thought that the existing one was too solid. So I decided to recreate one in SolidWorks that would not need any supports and solve my other issues.”

And he’s the expert to trust. His company, Studio Zwaard, has been 3D printing exclusively using SolidWorks software for almost 20 years.

Although I think not building a certain star destroyer is a complete waste of this new technology, Zwaard plans on using the blocks to build his city’s water tower.


Whether the project is big or small, new advances is 3D technology allows us to dream in a limitless Lego-verse. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

More information and the download files for the project are available on Thingiverse.



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