QMx To Make a Replica of Starbuck’s Sidearm? [Video]

So, QMx sneakily revealed some news at San Diego Comic-Con. In an interview with Tested, CEO Andy Gore showed off a fancy new toy. It was a replica of Starbuck’s gun – a standard-issue Colonial sidearm! QMx has already created some pretty amazing merchandise from Battlestar Galactica, and this will just enhance their collection. Gore stated they’ve been working on the replica with Ken Palkow. He actually worked on the piece in the series, and he’s made this one even better. Gore said:

It’s an idealized replica of the piece, it matches absolutely but then Kenny came up with some very nice improvements.

For example, the handle is made of polished walnut instead of resin. How awesome is that?

This replica isn’t officially approved yet so there’s not info on availability or pricing, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we hear more! In the meantime, check out the video showing off the replica after the break. The relevant part starts at about 7:20.


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