Save 25% On The Star Wars Interactive R2-D2 – $149.99 [Deals]

This R2-D2 robot is about as close as most Star Wars fans will come to having their own companion Droid. And the great news is that it’s on sale for $149.99 with free shipping. That’s 25% off the list price. Check out all of the stuff this thing can do:

  • Newly programmed at our ultra-modern factory, this state-of-the-art R2 series astromech droid unit is ready to obey your commands
  • Grab his attention by saying “Hey, R2!” and he’s ready for more than 40 voice commands
  • Just a few of R2’s amazing attributes include moving along on his own
  • In “Game” mode, R2 plays multiple games and spins, dances and plays music
  • Once you’ve mastered R2’s companion and game modes
  • Move on to command mode for plotting real-time maneuvering or programmed courses for R2 to follow
  • Turning his front beam on and off, and even playing a secret message when you follow the proper voice commands

But that’s not all. It also features a secret cargo compartment, a unique swing-down utility arm that’s also a beverage holder, a removable sensor scope, a working light beam, sound-processing microphones, and an adaptable droid mood-status indicator.

Star Wars Interactive R2-D2—$199.99 $149.99 (25% off)


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