See What’s Inside Loot Crate’s “Covert” Box For March 2015 [Review]


We got Loot Crate’s “Covert”-themed box in the mail the other day, so let’s dive in and see what secrets are inside shall we?

covert 2

covert 4

covert 7

I am going to wear the hell out of this shirt.

covert 3

This was an awesome little addition—an exclusive replica Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. lanyard from EFX Collectibles. Another awesome collectible to hang in my office.

covert 8


Another Loot Crate exclusive: The Blink Time watch from 50 Fifty Gifts. The time is displayed briefly when you press on the blank face. Stealthy.

covert 6

A notebook and Mad Libs are standard issue for all secret agents apparently.

covert 10

Someone may actually say “I owe my life to Loot Crate” thanks to this paracord survival bracelet.

covert ninjak

The box includes an exclusive code for a free copy of Ninjak #1.

covert 9

This Loot Crate variant cover of Orphan Black #1 is perfect for Clone Club members.

covert 5

As always, the box is part of the fun. In this case, the box “computer” can be used to decipher a series of online clues. Only the best and brightest are worthy of becoming a “Gruber McEvil” minion.


Another strong crate this month. Some stuff to wear, some stuff to read, a few useful tools and an online game to kill some time at work. Maybe that comic is what I need to finally get into Orphan Black.

If you would like to try out Loot Crate for yourself, signup for a subscription here and save 10% off your order with the code “NERDAPPROVED”.

And don’t forget that one lucky looter will find an epic Mega Crate on their doorstep. April’s Mega Crate is a gamer’s dream.


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