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Now You And Your Sphero BB-8 Buddy Can Watch ‘The Force Awakens’ Together


Last year, Sphero released their awesome app-controlled BB-8 toy which, full disclosure, this particular writer found to be absolutely adorable. Who knew a ball with a half-ball for a head could have so much personality?

Now Sphero have released an update for the app to coincide with the home video release of The Force Awakens  that lets your BB-8 watch the movie with you and react at the appropriate moments. You think that’d be distracting, but let’s be honest, you’ve already seen the movie a thousand times, so you can spend the 1,001th viewing looking at an emotive ball instead.

To imbue your toy with emotions, all you need to do is update the app on your phone, perch your BB-8 on its charging dock fairly close to the TV, select the new “Watch With Me” mode and point it at the movie (which, y’know, you’ve already bought, because it’s Star Wars). Then marvel at the wonders of technology as it gets excited at the exciting bits, shakes in terror at the scary parts, and ruminate on whether we’ve gone too far by programming a sphere to feel terror.

The app for the toy can also optionally display pop-up facts about the movie as you go, in case you need a distraction from the distraction BB-8 is already providing.

(via Toyland)


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