I Really Want This ‘Spirited Away’ No-Face Munching Piggy Bank

Despite the fact that I rarely have change these days, I still really want this Spirited Away No-Face piggy bank. It’s awesome even before you learn that it speaks, plays music from the film and burps after each deposit.

As Spirited Away fans will know, No-Face developed some bad habits during the film, including an insatiable desire for wealth. Apparently, when coins are placed in the tray, No-Face speaks his signature “Ah…ah…” phrase, and music from the movie begins to play. No-Face’s teeth are revealed and coins are consumed with a satisfying burp at the end.

In the states, the No-Face piggy bank is available for pre-order from the Japan Trend Shop for $67 with shipping slated for May 2017.

(via RocketNews)


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