Star Tots Giveaway At Star Wars Celebration VI

I love Star Wars Celebrations for many reasons, and one of them (though near the bottom of the list) is definitely giveaways. I attended my first Celebration almost two years ago and noticed that the collecting track of panels gave away collectible Star Wars mini cereal boxes to panel attendees. There were different designs so you had to attend most or all of the collector panels to collect all of the exclusive cereal boxes. It’s brilliant.

This year for Celebration VI, they’ll be giving away something even cooler at the collecting panels: Star Tots. These designs are based on a Kenner concept from 1978 for preschool toys. Though those were more like action figures, these giveaways are flat and made of diecast metal. They are 1.75″ tall, just like the Kenner concept toys. There will be 20 total designs, and a different Star Tot character will be given away at each presentation. You can bet I’ll be attending some collecting panels to get these adorable figures.

(Star Wars Celebration via Rebel Scum)


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