Mom Finally Delivers ‘Star Wars’ Present After 33 Years


I’ve heard more than one fan/collector bemoan the fact that they opened, played with, and either lost or damaged their original (and now very valuable) Star Wars toys.

And let’s not forget the classic “mom threw it out”.

Redditor user OMGParty has a different story. Quite the opposite in fact. His mom bought him the Star Wars Kenner Luke in X-Wing pilot figure back in ’81 or ’82 and then it got left in a drawer during the rush of wrapping presents. Knowing that her son was super excited for The Force Awakens, she decided that this was the year to finally deliver.

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As he told the Daily Dot via email:

Back in probably 81 or 82 my Mom bought this for me, knowing that I was crazy about Star Wars toys. Most of my childhood memories are of playing with Star Wars figures. For whatever reason my Mom ended up putting it in a drawer and just held on to it all these years waiting for the right time!

Knowing how excited I was for the new Star Wars film, she decided that this was the year!

So that’s the story! I’m pretty surprised, that’s a long time to hold on waiting for the right moment!

In terms of value, someone on my Facebook feed said $500 but I think that’s most likely WAY WAY over inflated. It’s got some weathering that would keep it from being considered “New in the box” to collectors. Not that it matters, there is absolutely NO way that I would ever sell this. No amount of money is worth it’s value to me as a gift from my Mom!

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