Stunning Homemade Super Star Destroyer With Lights And Sound [VIdeo]


Builder Fabio Delfino sent us his homemade scale model of an Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer and it totally blew us away. He even gave it a multitude of tiny lights and sound. It’s based on the Star Wars: Dark Empire comic books and has over 3000 pieces.

Check out more pictures and the video after the break along with all the technical details.

Working time: about 8 months + several months for the renovation of the original base.
More than 3 thousand pieces (estimated)

Scale: 1:15625
Length: 112cm / 44″
Height: 64cm / 25″
Width: 70 cm / 27,5″
Weight: 4,5 Kg / 9lb

7 meters of led strips
3 50cm strips of led in sequence
2 Red flashing Leds
1 Bluetooth Speaker
4 switches + 2 switches for speaker power on and volume
10 meters of electrical wires and welds
2 12v AC power adapter and 1 5v USB for the speaker
1 Illuminated support (multicolor RGB) with imperial logo and technical details






Thanks to Fabio for the tip! Send yours to


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