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21st Century Transformer Toy Turns Into A Tablet


The defining piece of evidence that Transformers is a product of its time is the fact that one of the Decepticons turns into a goddamn boom box. And the defining piece of evidence that’ll mark the current iteration of Transformers is this updated version of Soundwave that transforms into a (non-functional) tablet.

Yeah. Really.

Designed to resemble Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 2 tablet, transforming it into its robot state involves a whopping 30 individual steps. It’s not on the market yet, though it will be soon as Hasbro and Xiaomi have more than successfully crowdfunded production of the toy to the tune of over 500% as of this writing, with a pledge of at least 169 Yuan (approximately $26 US) required to snag one of these buggers for yourself.

Find out more in the conveniently subtitled video below.

(via Engadget)


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