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Talented Artist Repaints Movie Character Dolls To Make Them Super Lifelike

Do you ever see a Barbie doll or even more high end options like Tonner that are great except that they look nothing like the character they are supposed to be? I’ve noticed that time and time again with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings dolls. Though I don’t often buy full size ones, I’ve definitely been turned off to purchasing action figures because of this. Noel Cruz just sees the difference as a challenge though – he repaints the faces to make them as accurate as possible and he’s awesome at it.

His skill is freakish. He starts by stripping the original factory paint and then he carefully paints the features back in. Basically, he breathes life into the dolls. It’s crazy. I can’t imagine how much time it must take to do this.

He takes commissions, but some projects are sold on eBay and every one I looked at went for over $500.

Be amazed by more repaints after the break.

Be sure to check out even more in his gallery.

(via GAS)


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