These Mini Weapons And Accessories Are Perfect For Figures And Jewelry

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Miniatures are a weakness of mine. I don’t need to have a dollhouse to display them in, minis can just sit on shelves and look cute. Etsy seller Silverbeam has several miniature weapons and accessories I’d like to call my own. Just look at the tiny Sailor Moon wands pictured after the break! You could pose them with a doll or even turn them into jewelry. The 1/4 scale objects are 3D printed and painted by hand, but if you’d rather put the paint on, you just have to let the seller know.

My favorite item in the shop is an itty bitty replica of Loki’s Chitauri staff. I would carry the tiny thing around and poke people in the chest with it. You’ll also find goggles, unicorn horns, and a Harry Potter-inspired racing broom among other listings. Everything in the shop is adorable.

See more of the miniatures after the break.

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Product Page ($13 and up via SGC)


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