This 1:8 Lamborghini Aventador Model Is Worth $4.7 Million

German model maker Robert Gulpan has been creating miniature examples on high-end cars since the 1990s – but it will be hard, if not impossible to top his latest offering: a 1:8 scale model of the Lamborghini Aventador which is apparently worth $4.7 million – a fact that is only more stunning when you consider that the actual car is only around $400K.

The mini Aventador was handcrafted from the original blueprints and boasts a carbon fiber chassis lined with a 1/1000 mm thread of solid gold, as well as diamond encrusted seats and wheels created out of a platinum and gold alloy. If you have $5 Million of disposable income laying around that you would like to invest in a dustable, the model is expected to go up for auction in New York this December.

(via Wired)


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