This Baby Skeletor Doll Is Terrifying [Video]

Baby skeletor 2

Have you ever looked at Skeletor and wondered what he’d look like as a little blue doll? No, most of us haven’t. Thanks to a new product, though, we all get to see what Skeletor looked like as a baby. This Masters of the Universe doll is 12-inches and has full articulation. He comes seated on a toilet, and he looks scary and bizarre.

It gets weirder: you have to be 18 or older to purchase the product. ComicsAlliance states it’s “loosely based on a bit from Robot Chicken.” That sketch can’t be described with words – it’s so crazy and also not safe for work.

See another shot of Skeletor and the Robot Chicken video after the break.

Baby skeletor 1

Product Page ($35)


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