This Chocobo Doll Is Definitely One Of A Kind

Chocobo doll 1

Want to have a pet chocobo that doesn’t need food or water? Etsy seller Mira Crafts has one that’s hand sculpted, sewn, and painted and can be posed because the base of the figure is armature wire. She even placed every feather by hand! It’s a one of a kind creation. The little creature from Final Fantasy is 12 inches tall by 13 inches long, and Mira Crafts says it’s a great size to fit action figures.

Take a look at some close-ups of the doll after the break.

Chocobo doll 2

Chocobo doll 3

Chocobo doll 4

Chocobo doll 5

Product Page ($635.54 via Technabob)


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