This Could Be The Most Titanic Lego Set Ever

LEGO titanic

While the real ship may have sunk, this LEGO Ideas version of the Titanic has received the 10k votes needed for official review.

Three different scale options were proposed, with the smallest coming in at 750 pieces, the medium version at 1250 pieces and the largest at a whopping 4000 pieces and approx. four feet in length.

The design was rendered using the Lego-specific CAD program MLCAD because, as user Ssorg notes:

“I don’t have all the pieces to build it, and frankly some brick types used here in these colors are not available at all (not manufactured by LEGO so far).”

Odds are that one of the smaller versions would actually make it to production, but the bonus feature for the 750 piece model is that it splits in half for “authentic sinking action”. Eh…

Head after the break to see more pictures.

LEGO titanic 2

LEGO titanic 3

LEGO titanic 4

LEGO titanic 5

LEGO titanic 6

LEGO titanic1

(via Wired UK)


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