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‘Toy Story’ Voltron Just Got A Massive Buzz Lightyear Upgrade


If you thought that the original Toy Story Voltron from Tamashii Nations was delightfully insane, well…there’s a lot more crazy where that came from.

When the first version was announced we wondered where Buzz Lightyear was, but we knew it was only a matter of time before he got his own mech. It’s been two months and here we are. The interesting thing, however, is that both the original Toy Story mech and the Buzz Lightyear mech can be combined into one massive, utterly ridiculous robot named “Super Combination Gangreat King”. Experience its full glory below.

Buzz Lightyear’s “Space Ranger Robo”:


“Super Combination Gangreat King”:



Space Ranger Robo will be available in Japan starting in January for around $185. You’ll also need to drop another $185 on the original Toy Story mech if you want to complete this very awesome, very expensive set.

(Anime News Network via io9)


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