Vote For This Awesome Batman Assault On Wayne Manor LEGO Set

batman lego set 1

Sure, LEGO has the DC Comics license and already makes some cool sets, but we can always use more. This “Assault on Wayne Manor” design by Cuusoo user DarthKy is quite the the impressive piece. You get Bruce Wayne’s gigantic house and minifigs of Ra’s al Ghul, Red Hood, Firefly, Batgirl, Lucius Fox, Bruce Wayne, Alfred, and Batman. The manor has secret passages and the Batcave; both are decorated with great attention to detail. The part count is estimated at 2,000-2,800 pieces.

If the set gets 10,000 votes, LEGO has to look at it and evaluate it for potential production. It’s getting close to halfway there – I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

See more photos of the possible set after the break.

batman lego set 2

batman lego set 3

batman lego set 4

batman lego set 5

Vote for the set on Cuusoo.


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