Vote To Make These Amazing Adventure Time LEGO Sets Happen

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Adventure Time is a a brand perfectly suited for Lego bricks. The land of Ooo is bright and whimsical, and people would buy the heck out of any toys for this franchise. Lego Cuusoo user jazlecraz put together two tree fort designs that look fantastic. There’s a 1,300 piece Tree Fort set with all the details and a 400 piece Micro Tree Fort set for those who want something more bite-sized.

The bigger model is impressive. From the project:

The flagship model is a fully detailed tree fort, complete with Finn and Jake minifigures. Each section of the tree fort is accessible through removable wall panels to reveal accurately detailed interiors. All of the rooms are connected through a series of doors, bridges and ladders. Even the trunk is completely hollow, allowing Finn and Jake to enter the fort through the treasure room at the base and proceed through to the lower living quarters.


I’m in just for the minifigs. If you’d like help make these sets a reality, go vote at Cuusoo!

See more pictures after the break.

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