Vote To Make This LEGO Jaws Set A Reality

lego jaws cuusoo 1

LEGO Cuusoo (soon to be LEGO Ideas) has become a fantastic source for cool and new blocky ideas. I love that LEGO offers such an interactive platform that lets builders contribute in a meaningful way. Builder Tris Spencer is using the system to try to gain votes and support for a LEGO Jaws set. Insert joke about a bigger boat here.

His concept features three minifigs – Quint, Brody, and Hooper – as well as the giant shark. They come with the Orca, and though it’s a simple set, it’s pretty much perfect. He just needs to get 10,000 votes to move it onto the next stage of approval from LEGO, and you can add your support at the project page to help him get there.

See more pics, including a close-up of the minifigs, after the break.

lego jaws cuusoo 2

lego jaws cuusoo 3

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