Wacky LEGO Minifig Mash-Ups Turned Into Awesome Poster Designs

lego mash-ups 3

If you have a pile of LEGO minifig parts in front of you, it’s only natural to mix them up and see what happens. Artist Alexandre Tissier came up with some perfect mash-ups for a Fiction Meets Fiction campaign for LEGO. He’s got Homer Simpson as Wolverine, Spider-Man as James Bond, Darth Vader as a geisha, and Batman in pajamas and holding a teddy bear. I feel compelled to make these designs a reality.

See more funny swaps after the break.

lego mash-ups 1

lego mash-ups 2

lego mash-ups 4

lego mash-ups 5

lego mash-ups 6

lego mash-ups 7

lego mash-ups 8

(via Gizmodo)


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