Watch Captain Kirk and Dr. Emmet Brown Travel To Space Together

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William Shatner and Christopher Lloyd take a trip together into space aboard the Enterprise!

Well, their action figures did. And the Enterprise only a couple of inches long and tied to a weather balloon—but still.

On October 17, 2010 the Brothers Gromm released a small weather balloon from the outskirts of Stephenville, Texas. It carried a lightweight 1 lb 15 ounce foam capsule designed to take photographs from approximately 20 miles above the surface of the earth. The capsule carried a camera, a GPS locator, souvenirs to celebrate the importance of libraries in our communities, and souvenirs to celebrate the actors attending the Star Trek Fan Days convention at the Plano Center in Plano, Texas the weekend of October 23-24.

The capsule rose approximately 20 miles through the stratosphere over Granbury and was recovered approximately 3 hours later in a field in Crowley. The project was a spectacular success, and produced hundreds of striking photos.

The space-borne souvenirs included:

  • 3 library cards – Fort Worth Southwest Regional Public Library; Fort Worth Shamblee Public Library; and the Mansfield Public Library
  • 2 Action Figures: One of William Shatner and one of Christopher Lloyd
  • 1 miniature model of a spaceship!
  • Check out videos of Kirk and Brown’s journey into the final frontier in the link below.

    (Brother’s Gromm via AFI)


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