Watch This Astounding Time-Lapse Video Of A 17×17 Rubik’s Cube Being Solved


I had no clue that 17×17 Rubik’s cubes even existed, but Kenneth Brandon is a real pro at solving them. He recorded himself solving one of these monstrous cubes, and the full video comes out at nearly 8 hours! If you don’t have that much time to watch a YouTube clip, you can watch a time-lapse version as well. Frankly, I felt a little embarrassed watching Brandon’s video: I can’t even solve a normal Rubik’s cube, and this guy makes solving a 17×17 cube look like a total blue milk run! Maybe I should start practicing more.

Check out the videos after the break…

Here’s the time-lapse clip:

And here’s the full solve, which clocks in at around 7.5 hours:

(via Geekologie)


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