Walmart Can Get You Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet From Hot Wheels

Back in 2010, Mattel sold a Hot Wheels collectible of Wonder Woman’s invisible jet as a Comic-Con exclusive. Not surprisingly, it was an extremely popular item. The good news for collectors is that they’re bringing it back as part of a Walmart promotion. Unfortunately, getting one won’t be as simple as buying it right off the shelf.

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In order to get the invisible jet, you’ll need to buy Hot Wheels 1:64 basic cars or multipacks totaling $20.00 before tax from the 2016 to present assortment numbers C4982, L2593, K5904, 1806, X6999, H7045 and/or V6697, from participating Walmart stores or online before 7/8/17. Then you’ll need to send in the proof of purchase along with the original receipt, blister cards or UPC codes, a completed order form, and $3.50. The request has to be postmarked by July 15 and received by no later than August 4. You can read the full redemption rules here.

Yeah, that’s a bit of a pain in the ass, but at least there’s an actual toy in there (I think). It’s not like you’re buying nothing.

(Hot Wheels Collectors via Technabob)


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