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New ‘Star Wars’ Drone Sets Have Real “Pew Pew” Technology


Spin Master have revealed two really nifty Star Wars drone sets that are definitely worth getting excited about.

The first is the Air Hogs Star Wars X-Wing vs. Death Star, a pair of remote-control drones that shoot each other with infared blasters. The last time something Star Warsy came out that included the words “X-Wing” and “VS” in the title, we got the brilliant video game X-Wing VS. TIE Fighter. But I digress. I just really like X-Wing VS. TIE Fighter.

The remote control allows you to control the X-Wing, while the Death Star is more or less autonomous. Both are equipped with infrared blasters, and you’ll need to use your cunning pilot skills to kit the Death Star three times in order to, well, “win” I suppose. This, of course, allows you to recreate that scene in A New Hope where the Death Star is destroyed by a single giant X-Wing. It’s available to preorder starting on September 9th for $130.


The second is the Air Hogs Star Wars X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Drone Battle set, which I wish I’d known about before I wasted a perfectly good X-Wing VS. TIE Fighter joke at the top of this post. Nards.

This set comes with one remote-control X-Wing and one remote-control TIE Fighter, both equipped with state-of-the-art pew pew technology and have a 200-foot range, allowing you to have dogfights in the privacy of your own wherever. Or, y’know, to recreate your favorite missions from X-Wing VS. TIE Fighter‘s single expansion pack, Balance of Power. This one can be preordered for $200.

Look, it’s not that I’m not excited about these – I am! Look at them! Look at how fab they look! – but… y’know, I just wish there were a new X-Wing VS. TIE Fighter game coming out, y’know? Oh well.

(Spin Master via io9)


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