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You Have To Check Out The New Raggedy Doctor Who Doll: He Has a Beard!

raggedy doctor
ThinkGeek has a new Doctor Who 11th Doctor Collectible Doll of Amelia Pond’s recollection of her “Raggedy Doctor” and, well, it’s definitely got people talking.

Here’s their description.

You’re probably thinking, “What the heck, ThinkGeek? This doesn’t even look like Matt Smith one bit!” And you’d be right. You know how they say that eyewitness accounts aren’t always the most accurate? How many times does the police sketch look exactly like the accused criminal? We’ve got the same situation here. This collectible doll is based on young Amelia’s recollection of her Raggedy Doctor.

Now, you know I love ThinkGeek, but I have to admit I looked at this one and sort of tilted my head. Maybe it’s something about the eyes and the beard combination. He’s less 11th Doctor to me and more Mountain Man.

The comments on the page are sort of priceless. This one by Jennifer Armintrout may be my favorite:

“I think you meant to call this ‘The Ruggedy Doctor’ because he looks like Aragorn. Turn on the smolder!”

Product Page ($20)


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