Step Aside My Little Pony, Zoonicorns Are Here


How bad to you just want to squish this sweet unicorn zebra hybrid right now?

There are four different adorable plush Zoonicorns named Valeo, Promithea, Aliel, and Ene and they are on a mission to “Enrich youth with life adventures.” The characters also appear in storybooks where the colorful friends visit zoo animals (in their dreams) to help them learn valuable life lessons.

The Zoonicorns made their debut this year at New York International Toy Fair. Since then the official website has launched and the magical toys can be purchased for $15 each. The first companion book, Buffy Meets the Zoonicorns, is available for $17.

I hope these cute plushies are a hit. I love when great toys are paired with great stories. And hopefully they won’t ever have to worry about sketchy encounters with Grundles.

Check out more pics of the cuteness after the break.



(Zoonicorn via ChipChick)


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