tom baker scarf 1

Tom Baker’s colorful scarf makes the perfect addition to the decor of any home, and the creative folks at Our Nerd Home applied the design to a rug. They got the runner carpet at Home Depot and used acrylic and latex paints to add the stripes; they finished the ends by crocheting on yarn fringe. It’s simple and rather perfect for any Whovian, especially Fourth Doctor fans.

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If you’ve ever played it, you know that Ninja Gaiden II is a really challenging game, especially getting through it on the hardest setting. One Chinese player has demonstrated an impressive bit of gaming skill by making it through on the Master Ninja setting without taking a single bit of damage. This series of videos shows this feat happening in just four hours time. Who pulls off this gaming wizardry? He uses a name that roughly translates to “the guy who was revived” when it really ought to be “guy who is unbeatable” because who could top this?

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Sometimes, you just have no idea what the answers are when you’re faced with a test. This leaves you with a couple of choices. Generally you leave the question blank or you take a guess. Dorkly has collected examples from people who took another route: giving some of the most wonderful nerdy answers. They may be wrong as far as their teachers are concerned, but in our world, they’re perfect.

Top Image: Colarap

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lego doom 1

The Doom franchise helped make first person shooter games as popular as they are, and Iain Heath did an amazing job re-creating it in LEGO. He built several dioramas to make a drool-worthy playset with imps and revenants and everything. It’s multi-level, and Heath used so many creative tactics to make the scenes special. He even simulated blood splatter!

If you’d like to see these bricks in person, keep an eye out for LEGO Doom at BrickCon in October and at Emerald City Comicon in March 2015.

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r2-d2 burner 1

Incorporate the droids everyone is looking for into your backyard with a handy Instructable from doddieszoomer. He transformed an old, empty gas bottle into R2-D2.

Basically, he cut the bottle to modify it and added legs with “5mm box section.” The rest of the astromech’s pieces were welded on and eventually handpainted. And guess what? If you don’t have the Force powers or tools necessary to make your own, you can bid on this one on eBay.

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These are the emergency kits that will save your life when things go really, really wrong. Each one covers a different supernatural threat so you can choose from zombie, vampire, demon, or werewolf. They’re all appropriately stocked with things like crosses, shotguns and silver bullets (non-functional props of course), so you just have to decide which particular monster you want to be ready to face.

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shatner nimoy

Rumors started swirling last week that William Shatner had been approached by director Roberto Orci to appear in Star Trek 3 along with Leonard Nimoy. Those rumors got a flat out denial from Shatner and Orci replied that he could neither confirm or deny the rumors.

However, William Shatner appeared at Wizard World Nashville and thought the “will he or won’t he” news had been basically announced thanks to the rumor and he was free to talk about it. So, he talked about it.

You can find out what he said thanks to Trek Movie. A transcript and video await after the break…

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Now you can know exactly what it’s like to be Ash with your very own life-size Pikachu plush. He’ll weight 6 kg and measure 40 cm tall which Japanese department store Beams says is a one-to-one scale replica of the real deal. This chubby, first-generation Pikachu also comes with his own little tote bag so you can easily carry him along at all times. He can be preordered now with availability set for this November.

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Fans of the first-person shooter Destiny will appreciate this amazing prop replica of the Thorn gun used in the game. Designer Eric Newgard made a 3D mold and then cast the gun from 10 separate pieces so that the gears each spin individually. The assembled gun has been painted and weathered to look just like what you see in the game. It measures 12” long and 7” tall and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars ended a bit abruptly with many fans disappointed that all the story lines didn’t get a proper finish. Well, it looks like we are going to get a little closure thanks to four newly released, unfinished episodes of the series. You can watch A Death on Utapau, In Search of the Crystal, Crystal Crisis, and The Big Bang at right now.

They aren’t complete episodes, but they do fill things in, especially about how Anakin felt about Ahsoka leaving. Some concept art from the original story arc has also been posted.

Lastly, there’s a video with the team behind it all talking about how it’s not really over even though the series is done, with some characters popping back up in things like upcoming comic series.

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