robert valley wonder woman statue

If you were blown away by Robert Valley’s DC Nation shorts and their awesomely stylized take on Wonder Woman, then you’re going to love this.

DC Collectibles is releasing a statue in the “Art Of War” line that’s based on the character. It isn’t posable, but it is a true work of art.

The figure is available to pre-order now with shipping slated for September 2015.

Check out a video for the figure after the break, along with the DC Nation shorts that inspired it.

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shirt sale

The entire collection of shirts in our Nerd Approved Merch store (and TeePublic in general) are on sale for just $14 through the weekend. This includes hundreds of nerdy shirts from the best independent designers. The full breakdown looks like this:

  • Shirts: $14
  • Tanks: $18
  • Kids Tees: $14
  • Hoodies: $35

We’ve also added a bunch of new designs, some of which you can preview in the image above.

So head on over to the store and get your favorite designs while you can!

lego mystery machine

Starting this August, the Scooby gang are going Lego in a big way with five new sets, an animated Lego television special and several direct-to-video LEGO movies.

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Thanks to USA Today, we have a sneak peek at the Mystery Machine set along with pricing info. The five sets include:

Mummy Museum Mystery (75900) – 301 pieces – $14.99
Mystery Plane Adventures (75901)
Mystery Machine (75902) – $29.99
Haunted Lighthouse (75903)
Mystery Mansion (75904) – $89.99

(via Gizmodo)


You know when you watch an episode of Arrow and think “that’s awesome, but no archer could actually do something like that”?

Wait until you see Lars Andersen in action. We’ve featured his videos in the past, but this time he’s taken things up a notch.

At one point, the dude jumps, catches an arrow shot buy another archer then fires it back before he hits the ground.

Yeah. You’ve got to see this. Check it out after the break…

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The humble mirror has been given a Batman makeover. Just gaze into it every morning and proclaim “I’m Batman”. It’s the only affirmation you need to get through the day.

The mirror is currently available for pre-order and is slated for release in June.

Product Page: ($50 via GeekAlerts)

dunk tank

Kudos to Phil Jones on this brilliant concept. Needless to say, this would make for an amazing shirt.

(via Reddit)

eq5i08w8smyyjgwcahnu copy

What if you found a way to play a video game, like Super Mario World, in a particular manner that allows you to jump your character all the way to the end–and you don’t even have to battle the final boss? Sounds impossible without an emulator, but YouTuber Minecraft SethBling appears to have figured it out. He was able to record himself pulling the move while playing SMW on an old school Super Nintendo console.

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The gist here is that SethBling was able to pull a certain set of moves that basically rewrite the game’s code while he’s playing in real time. In other words, SethBling knew exactly what he needed to do in order to find this glitch and take advantage of it–all while playing at a blistering speed.

You can watch SethBling in action after the break…

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Playing Dungeons & Dragons is a wondrous adventure, one where you and your friends often say the most ridiculous things that totally make sense at the time. Take those words out of context, and suddenly it’s an entirely different story. Out of Context D&D Quotes is where gamers can submit some of the funnier lines friends have said in game. BritishGuyWhatsHisName added some artwork, and now you have your laughing place for the day.

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See more examples after the break.

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This is paper. Seriously.

It’s the work of a Japanese craftsman who has taken the time to not only do the exterior, but complete interiors too. Vipers, X-Wings, and even 2001’s Orion are all here in paper. Can you recognize all the ships?

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See more pictures after the break.

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Mondo, the art gallery and online store, recently unveiled a new Iron Giant Deluxe Figure and it is crazy accurate. Even The Iron Giant director Brad Bird approves. So many feels.

Mondo notes:

Mondo worked to obtain the digital files used in the film to create the most accurate and detailed Iron Giant figure to date. The figure features over 30 points of articulation and a variety of accessories allowing you to transform the Iron Giant into all of his notable incarnations. You’ll receive two interchangeable heads with light-up eyes, a magnetic “S” that can be detached from a Seafood sign and attached to his chest, switch-out “War Arm” when things get tense, a Hogarth mini-figure, and of course, a girder to munch on. Additionally, the figure includes a sound feature with favorite Iron Giant quotes from the film. The limited edition “Hand Under Foot” accessory (the Iron Giant’s detached hand that gets loose in the farmhouse) will be available exclusively through Mondo’s website. The figure will be sold for $300. A limited edition version of the figure with the “Hand Under Foot” accessory will be sold for $315

The Deluxe figure should ship during the third quarter of this year, so start preordering now!

Check out some more pics after the break…

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