doctor who lifespan

There have been 12 Doctors in Doctor Who with varying amounts of screen time and episodes. Paul Smith calculated the on-screen lifespan of each of those Doctors and put it into a handy chart showing the hours and minutes of each Doctor. The 4th Doctor played by Tom Baker clocks in at over 71 hours while the 8th Doctor played by Paul McGann has one hour and four minutes as the Time Lord.

Be sure to click the chart to enlarge it and see all the details.

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guardians top

To celebrate the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy, we’ve teamed up with Hasbro to hook up a lucky Nerd Approved reader with a box full of awesome new toys!

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vader dictionary 1

Darth Vader has some choice phrases and quotes in Star Wars’ original trilogy, and they shouldn’t be limited to being spoken in English. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how Vader’s popular words would be written in Japanese, there’s now a book for that. Seriously.

Actually, the phrasebook from publisher Gakken is intended for Japanese customers who want to learn a little English in a fun way. So if you’re in a business meeting with Japanese clients and one of them says “I am altering the deal, pray I do not alter it any further,” perhaps you won’t take it quite as hard.

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The original covers for the Harry Potter series have become truly iconic. However, it looks like Bloomsbury Publishing is giving those classic covers a bit of a makeover: An all-new set of dust jacket covers, featuring art by UK concept artist and illustrator Jonny Duddle, will be available starting on Sept. 1.

I have to say that these new covers are fantastic–I think Duddle did some fine work. What do you think? How do these new covers compare to the first ones?

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A Sherlock and Doctor Who crossover is high on the wishlist of many fans. But what if their meeting involved music? YouTuber AVbyte made it happen in his fan film Wholock: The Musical. The Doctor tries to get Sherlock to be his companion, and Sherlock tries to get the Doctor to be his new Watson. It’s as charming as it sounds, and man, can the actors in the roles sing.

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dragonriders of pern

Epic fantasy books are all the rage right now, and Anne McCaffrey has 22 of them in her Dragonriders of Pern series. Warner Bros. has optioned the books from the estate of the author, and they could take it to the big or small screen. The series about warriors who, you guessed it, ride dragons has been around since 1968 and has a loyal fanbase. There’s plenty of inspiration in the material for piles of merchandise, and as Deadline points out, Dragonriders of Pern would be a great follow up to the Harry Potter and The Hobbit franchises.

(Deadline via /Film, art via Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern)


Loki - Norse god of mischief, lies and evil – is a sympathetic yet clear villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, arranging for people to die and war to erupt just to ruin his brother’s coronation, later robbing people of free will as he attempted planet-wide genocide. But we still love seeing him in action and a large part of the credit goes to Tom Hiddleston, a superb actor and all-around sweet guy. This Friday, Joss Whedon: The Biography will be released and it includes an e-mail exchange between Hiddleston and the director/screenwriter of The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron. The actor was so overjoyed at Loki’s role in the script for Marvel’s The Avengers that he was compelled to write a thank you letter.

The letters can be read after the break.

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Comic-Con delivered previously unseen footage and trailers for several films, including Interstellar. The movie starring Matthew McConaughey and directed by Christopher Nolan will take us into space, and it looks emotional, exciting, and beautiful. I hope the movie is half as good as this new trailer makes it look.

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Larping Role Models

In Hobro, Denmark, the Osterskov Efterskole school has taken an interesting route. Rather than rely on standardized models of education, kids are learning by acting out their curriculum. It’s educational LARPing!

If you’re like me and sometimes had trouble learning through traditional methods of memorization and standardized testing, you’ll likely find this approach refreshing. Weren’t we always told learning should be fun?

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batlondon copy

Batman London is… well, he basically describes himself as “the Batman from London.” An English answer to BatDad if you will.

We don’t really know too much about the English Caped Crusader, except that he loves to post funny clips highlighting how often The Dark Knight struggles with mundane things like dressing himself or snacking on crackers named “Rachel.”

You can watch some of our favorite clips after the break…

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