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What if the characters from Adventure Time invaded Doctor Who? It would be freaking amazing, that’s what. Artist James Hance mashed the two worlds together in a mural for his nine-year-old daughter’s room. I am incredibly envious. The five foot by four foot art features Finn as the 11th Doctor, Jake as the 10th Doctor, and BMO as the TARDIS. Hance’s daughter had it all mapped out, and she was kind enough to give her father permission to turn this into a print. It will be available soon!

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If you’ve been reading us for a while, you know we’re fans of James Hance. I find his work to be simply beautiful and, whether they make me smile or make me sad, he never fails to touch my heart.

However, it seems he’s not content to give us all a mad case of the feels with his 2D art alone. Nope. Now he’s gone and made a music box based on the Doctor Who episode The Rings Of Akhaten.

There’s a video after the break. Prepare for feels if you’ve seen the episode.

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ten james hance

If you enjoyed James Hance’s Doctor Who artwork from earlier this week, you’ll be happy to see this version of the 10th Doctor entitled “I Think You Look Like Giants” in progress.

Here’s hoping he makes even more – with prints we can buy!

(via James Hance)

hance ten

When James Hance first showed off his new Doctor Who paintings, I knew I was going to have to run for the Kleenex. There’s something about his work that always goes right to my heart, but these are especially powerful.

Check out more after the break.

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The latest art from James Hance’s wonderful Wookiee the Chew series features an AT-AT as a treehouse. If you’re not familiar with the series, take this opportunity to learn more. The art will make your heart warm and glowy. There might even be tears.

Hance has a knack for mixing up Star Wars with other pop culture hits to happy results. Check out his Star Wars/Up painting and also his Star Wars/Norman Rockwell mash-up. Prints are available in the product page below.

Product Page ($10)

James Hance has brought his Wookiee the Chew series to wood burning, and I have to say the results are quite impressive. We’re not quite sure if these will go up for sale anytime soon, but keep your eyes peeled on James’ site. Remember, his daughter desperately needs your help.

Currently they stand at a little over $15,000, which is 61% of their $25,000 goal. Click here for all the details and info on how you can help.

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harry potter sw 1

Artist James Hance has done it again. His latest art features the combined worlds of Harry Potter and Star Wars. It seems especially fitting since Daniel Radcliffe only recently saw the original trilogy for the first time. Hance has made Hagrid Chewbacca (perfect!), Ron Weasley is Han Solo, and Snape is Darth Vader. Because of course.

See Snape as Darth Vader after the break.

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ace ventura star wars

Ace Ventura in Star Wars… Hmm. While I mostly cringe at the idea of that combination, James Hance manages to make it look amusing. He put Ace Ventura in the vest of Han Solo and turned the monkey into Chewbacca. Alrighty then!

Prints will be available on Hance’s site soon.

(James Hance via GAS)

scooby doo firefly

Just when I think I’ve seen all the mash-ups in the world, the internet produces a more awesome one. The talented James Hance came up with this Firefly and Scooby-Doo combo, and it’s fabulous. All the choices are perfect, but I especially adore Wash as Shaggy and Inara as Daphne. I’d go hunting for ghosts with this crew any day.

And it’s not the only fantastic mash-up Hance created recently. Check out his My Neighbor Totoro and Star Wars combo after the break.

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This beautiful work-in-progress art is the brainchild of James Hance. We’ve featured work by James Hance in the past with everything from Winnie the Pooh/Star Wars mashups to Doctor Who to Adventure Time. Now he’s put Princess Leia with Indiana Jones. I don’t think that counts as cheating on Han, does it?

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