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Freud would have a field day with the manner in which some people will want to dress this magnetic copy of himself. I am sure he would understand you putting a suit and hat on him, he may not take so kindly to the leathers and mohawk. Your fridge, your choice. Much more fun than your average set of magnetic poetry on the refrigerator.

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Squeeze the Stress Freud


Have you been feeling stressed out lately? Before you go on a rampage, give Sigmund Freud‘s disembodied head a few squeezes. The tension will just melt away.

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Feeling a little depressed about the start of another long week at work? Tickle Me Freud could be the solution. Similar to Tickle Me Elmo, Freud will shake and giggle when you squeeze his foot. And if that doesn’t brighten your day, you could always use him to get a laugh at someone else’s expense. An example is found after the break.

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Freud Pill Box

Freud Pill Box

Who better to remind us to take our meds than a coked up crackpot? Plus, if you look in the background you can see a picture of “mother.” Hilarious.

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Sky Diving Sigmund Freud

Few know that when Freud wasn’t advancing the field of psychiatry, doing cocaine, or fantasizing about his mother he was heavily involved in extreme sports – base jumping in-particular. This Sky Diving Sigmund Freud with brain chute pays homage to the doctor and his passion for living on the edge.

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Freud Head Pops

That’s right, you heard me – now you can lick Sigmund Freud’s watermelon flavored head. You’ve gotta love that.

Plus, the product site explains that the “subtle contours” of Freud’s head make for a fun lollypop sucking experience. I wonder what Freud himself would have to say about the psychological implications of all this.

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Freudian Watch


Do you want to be reminded of Freud’s theories every minute of the day? I don’t know that I have the stomach for it, but those of you who enjoy that type of thing can have it with the Freudian watch.

Every few seconds the bubble of his mind will rotate through his thoughts of MOM, DAD, EROS, ID, ENVY and SEX. Choose your nightmare.

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You’d think you could sit in this chair and relax—that is until you see the shadow it casts. It was designed by Yaara Derkel and it’s called the “Coppelius” chair. The idea was to make a chair in the design of cabinet maker Michael Thonet who created furniture during the industrial revolution. His works looked ordinary until the they were lit just the right way when they’d suddenly take on a whole new character. This chair definitely fits the bill, and there is no way I’m sitting in it ever.

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Here are the top ten Nerd Approved Gadgets for the week of April 20th-26th, 2009:

Bad Table: Even a table needs to pee.

Cessna Control Panel Desk Organizer: Fly an IFR pattern in your cubicle.

Wrecking Ball Garden Sculpture: If Rob Zombie had a garden…

Canned Oxygen: Fad on the horizon.

The Poop Bank: Excuse me while I make a deposit.

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Who needs a Nobel Prize? Freud, Gandhi, and Darwin have finally achieved true greatness by obtaining the ultimate brass ring: being immortalized as little thinker pot belly figures. Each one stands 2.5″, and is handmade from crushed marble in Gloucestershire, England. The figures also have secret compartments in their bellies which the product page describes as “perfect for stashing tiny treasures”—so you can rest assured your dime bag and paperclips will fit snugly inside. Pint-size Painters and Perfect Penmanship figures are also available. More photos after the break.

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