10 Gadgets To Make Your Pet Internet Famous [Featured]

It’s common knowledge that the Internet is fueled by two things — pornography and cat videos. Needless to say, if a pet video goes viral it can be extremely lucrative. Maybe it’s time you and your pet got a piece of the action. The following gadgets make it easy to get your cat or dog to do something cute and stupid on camera.


Sphero robotic ball
Simply put, the Sphero is a robotic ball that can be precisely controlled by your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. It’s also loaded with LEDs. I’m pretty sure you can imagine all of the hilarious ways a pet might react to a gadget like this, but you might also get bonus videos of kids chasing the ball around, your husband slipping on it and falling down the stairs or your panicked grandfather trying to swat at it with the newspaper while muttering something about getting an exorcist. Sphero is listed as “coming soon” but it should be released sometime this fall. $130 — Sphero

Cat scratch turntable
Remember the classic keyboard cat video? Go one better by putting some headphones on your cat, laying down some beats and letting your cat go to work on this scratch mat turntable. I’m also thinking a smoke machine and some club lighting would really help to set the tone here. Features a tone arm you can pose and a spinning deck. $23 — Suck UK

Bacon bubble buddy
I’ll bet your dog would go mad for this handheld bubble maker that shoots bacon-scented bubbles. Given the irresistible nature of bacon, you might also have another bonus video opportunity here. When the guys come over to watch the game on Sunday, shoot the bubbles in the TV room and watch the mayhem ensue. Out of stock — ThinkGeek via That’s Nerdalicious

Frolicat Bolt
You could use a traditional laser pointer to whip your cat into a frenzy, but you’ll need both hands free if you want to catch all of the action on video. The Frolicat Bolt is an automated system that shines laser light in random patterns. The mirror is adjustable so you can aim it across a variety of surfaces and it can be switched into manual mode if you want to see if you can trick your cat into jumping into the tub for a bath. $15.60 — Amazon

Mustache ball
Give your dog an absurdly long tongue or a regal handlebar mustache with these amusing chew toys. Pair the mustache version with a doggy monocle and a bowl emblazoned with his new name: Sir Reginald Higginsbottom II Esq. $10 — Uncommon Goods via Nerd Approved

Cardboard cat playhouses
Watch out crazy cat lady! The felines have joined together to form a militia and they got their paws on some cardboard tanks, fighter planes and fire trucks. The ones that don’t chew through their vehicles (ink is non-toxic) will be hitting you with everything they’ve got. Freeeeedoooom! $24.99 — ThinkGeek via Nerd Approved

As the name suggests, the Airzooka shoots a harmless puff of air at a target when you pull back and release the elastic membrane. The resulting ball off air can travel up to 20-feet with a surprising degree of accuracy. It’s enough to mess up someone’s hair, push papers off their desk or drive a dog or cat completely insane. I wonder how they will process what’s happening. My guess is that it’s all just pops and fizzes up there —or will they come to the conclusion that they are being petted by a ghost? $9.99 — ThinkGeek 

Cats Attack scratching post
Grab your camera because kitty is about to take down this scratching post city Godzilla-style. In this scenario, Mothra is an actual moth that got in from outside. They battled for a bit, but Kittyzilla was eventually distracted by a ball of paper on the floor. $29.99 — Perpetual Kid via Nerd Approved

Litter Kwitter
Seriously though, what could be funnier that a cat using the toilet? Apparently, you can make this happen with the Litter Kwitter cat potty training system. All it takes is three toilet seat stages and your cat will be pooping like its people. If you thought it was bad when you fall into the toilet because someone left the seat up, just imagine how bad it would be for a cat. $59 — Litter Kwitter

Think of a hamster wheel, only with cat. This custom-made wheel is great for both exercise and making money on the Internet. As an added bonus of burning all those calories, your cat can finally haz that cheeseburger he’s been after for so many years. $599 to $799 — Sunnica

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