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8 Of The Weirdest St. Patrick’s Day Drinking Vessels


Ahh St. Patrick’s Day. A day where an Irish guy like me can drink and fight and call it “festive.” If you are going to party, you need to come prepared. The following drinking vessels may be weird—but they will certainly get the job done.

The Beer Blaster: Getting shot is great—as long as the gun is shooting beer. Available in a wide range of colors (including a pink version for drunken ladies) $22-$33


Flabongo: “The first and only beer bong constructed from a plastic flamingo.” $25

Caulkshots: Gellatin shots that can be dispensed through a standard caulk gun. $23-$33


The Boob Tube: Beer straight from the teat. $23


Reef Dram Sandals: Sandals with a built-in flask. Mmm…foot liquor. $45


The Wine Rack: Hide liquor and increase your bust size at the same time. $30


Liquor Gun Pump: Fire up a shot of your favorite spirit witha pump-action pistol. $30


Party Tap Liquor Dispenser: Turn yourself into a human keg—and the most popular guy at the party. $20


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