Are You Worthy To Possess The Thor Frog Diorama?

Throg Diorama

If you think it’s odd that we’ll soon see a woman carrying the hammer Mjolnir and calling herself Thor, keep in mind that Thor was once a frog. And long after that, we met Throg, a Frog of Thunder who is so beloved, so darn cute, that you can now own a 6 inch statue of him from Sideshow Collectibles. The “Thor Frog Diorama” is available for pre-order and expected to be released in October. This is a limited edition of 1500, so get hopping! (shut up, that was funny).

Wait, you don’t know why there’s a Frog of Thunder? Ok, there’s a quick explanation (and more photos) after the break.

Throg 3

In a now-famous story by Walter Simonson back in the 1980’s, the trickster Loki turned his foster brother Thor into a little frog. Thor attempted to undo this spell by lifting his mystical uru hammer Mjolnir, thinking its power would transform him back into a God of Thunder. But the result was that he simply became the 6’6″ Thor Frog. It was awesome.

Throg Diorama 2

Of course, Thor was later restored to normal but the idea of of a Frog of Thunder was too good to forget. So many years later, we met Simon Walterson (get it?), a man cursed to become a frog but who then became a hero when he acquired his own mystical hammer “Frogyolnir.” Now he is Throg, the Frog of Thunder, a founding member of the Pet Avengers. That’s right, there are Pet Avengers. The roster includes a giant teleporting bulldog, a kinetically-powered cat, a dragon, and a loveably stupid dog. Aren’t comics great?

Product Page ($99.99 via Nerdist)


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