Beat Up Villains With These Stuffed Mew-Mew Mjölnirs


Superhero movies aren’t necessarily full of adorableness, but they have their moments. Thor has a few, like the moment when Darcy calls his hammer mew-mew. It’s close enough to Mjölnir to count, right? Etsy seller TwinsGeekShop has taken the nickname and created these amazing Mew-Mew hammers. The fabric hammers look like kitties, and they’re made for playfully beating up your friends or decorating your couch.

If you’re thinking about Mew-Mew Mjölnirs as Christmas gifts, order soon! The seller is based in Russia so shipping to the U.S. takes around 21 days.

See one more adorable photo after the break.

mew_mew_mjolnir_ 2

Product Page ($25.30 via Tumblr and Neatorama)


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