Beautiful Pool Cue Looks Like A Medieval Weapon, Costs a Small Fortune


This incredibly beautiful pool cue looks more like a weapon than it does something you’d see in a pool hall. It’s called The Intimidator and according to McDermott Handcrafted Cues this is the most expensive pool cue in the world.

The Intimidator is the most expensive pool cue in the world and raises the bar to a whole new level of prestige. This sensational cue is a 3D piece of art that features four bladed wings that can rip a table to shreds. The focal point is a Genuine Italian Obsidian Gemstone Sphere at the base. Our designers started out with a 82-pound solid piece of stainless steel. After finely machining this piece for over a year, the result was an amazing 9½ pound masterpiece.

Year Created: 1992
Total Man Hours to Complete: 1,862 hours of hand-engraving, hand-etching & hand-machining
Total Length:63 inches (from Obsidian Sphere to leather tip)
Total Weight: 9½ pounds
Wingspan of Large Blade: 9 inches
Total Length of Exposed Blades
Large blades: 48 inches
Smaller blades: 13 inches

The whole think is inlaid with 24K Gold and contains 46 individual parts made from stainless steel, 24K gold and Italian obsidian. It also costs $150,000. Needless to say, this is only for the serious pool shark!

See the full pool cue after the break…


Product Page ($150,000 via Geekologie)


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