Christian Bale, Michael Keaton And Adam West Comment On The Awesome Batkid


Regardless of what kind of day you had last Friday, your heart was probably lifted by the story of Batkid. Make-A-Wish turned San Francisco into Gotham City for the day for Miles Scott, and the internet responded with cheers and support. Everyone from President Obama to actors who have portrayed the superhero stopped to recognize Batkid.

Ben Affleck tweeted about Batkid being the best Batman:

Well, at least that’s out of the way. But that’s not all…

Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman on several animated series, tweeted too:

And so did Adam West:

It gets better. Michael Keaton went on video saying Batkid is awesome:

Christian Bale spoke about Batkid in an interview with Access Hollywood. He said the following:

“I just think it’s great. It’s a great day for the little guy. I just think Make-A-Wish and San Francisco did such an amazing thing to organize that. You just think of the delight in that little fella’s heart, running around doing that. Then also as someone who has played Batman, it’s great to see that the symbol of Batman is so much bigger than any one person, than any film, than any comic book, any TV series, that’s really what it’s all about. It’s irrelevant which actor is playing it, we’re irrelevant in that sense. But for little Miles to have such a great day is just delightful.”

Hold on, I have something in my eye.

(via Batman News and Superhero Hype, photo from @pilarwish)


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