Cthulhu Has Risen From The Deep To Become A Fancy Lamp

cthulhu lamp 1

You can stop looking for Cthulhu in the depths of the ocean; he’s currently in the shape of a lamp. Crafstman Karl Dupere-Richer spent several months creating this fantastic and unsettling sea beast design. He used everything from a flower pot to watering hose pieces to PVC piping to bring Cthulhu to life as household decor. The finished product is just beautiful and a wonderful homage to H.P. Lovecraft’s creation. And no, it’s not for sale.

See it from more angles and with the lights on after the break.

cthulhu lamp 2

cthulhu lamp 3

cthulhu lamp 4

cthulhu lamp 5

cthulhu lamp 6

cthulhu lamp 7

(via Neatorama)


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