Fantastic Production Video From The Hobbit Focuses On 3D [Video]

It’s time for the fourth production video from the set of The Hobbit. Peter Jackson has been giving fans a unique perspective into the creation of the films with these videos. So far, we’ve visited Bag End, watched Andy Serkis in action as a director, and accompanied the crew on location scouting. This video, released on Jackson’s Facebook page, is a bit more technical and takes a look at how the 3-D part of the shoot works.

Jackson is loving filming The Hobbit in 3-D. He states that if he would have been able to, he would have done the same for the Lord of Rings trilogy. He believes it’s adding a depth to the film, and the crew and cast featured on the video (from camera to hair and make-up) talk a bit about what it takes to make 3-D look good. For example, the prosthetics and make-up have to be applied differently since the cameras are rolling at 48 frames per second. Even the concept art has to be handled differently. Alan Lee and John Howe have to create identical images, one in red and one in blue.

I was skeptical about the usage of 3-D for this movie. I’m not saying I approve or think it’s necessary, but after watching this production video, I get it. Jackson thinks he is enhancing the movie, not doing it for a gimmick. I can get behind that.

Enter Middle Earth (and see Elijah Wood, dwarves, Gandalf, and more) in the video after the break.

(via Blastr)


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