Geeky Terrariums Feature Star Wars, Hunger Games, And More

geeky terrarium 1

Adding a little bit of the outdoors to your home is as easy as putting a terrarium on your coffee table. The self-contained ecosystems are small and simple to care for, and you can get cool geeky terrariums from Etsy seller Moss Love Terrariums with no work required except ordering and opening the package. The tiny worlds feature figures like Yoda, Harry Potter, Gandalf, Katniss, and more. These terrariums would make perfect housewarming presents!

See more of their nerdy, mossy offerings after the break.

geeky terrarium 2

geeky terrarium 3

geeky terrarium 4

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geeky terrarium 6

geeky terrarium 7

geeky terrarium 8

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Product Page ($22 and up via TMS)


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