Geeky Terrariums Make The Best Centerpieces

terrarium firefly

Weddings can get expensive – it is known. One way to save money is by getting crafty and turning to DIY projects. Erin and Peter did precisely that and featured some adorable and awesome geeky terrariums as centerpieces for tables at their reception. The glass jars were filled with all sorts of tiny worlds and fandoms from Firefly to Star Wars to Katamari to Super Mario Bros. You only need a few supplies to replicate these and since they’re just decorations and not true terrariums with living environments, there’s less work.

The best part about nerdy terrariums like these? You don’t need to limit them to weddings. You can make these for your kitchen table, your nightstand, or any surface. They also make fantastic gifts.

Photos by Whitney Lee.

Check out more clever terrariums after the break.

terrarium katamari

terrarium portal

terrarium star trek

terrarium star wars

terrarium tardis

terrarium super mario

(Offbeat Bride via Neatorama)


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