Hellboy B.P.R.D Training Camp Is For Real

Since Portland has been reported to have the greatest number of cartoonists and comic book creators per capita than anywhere else, it’s fitting that the city would also serve as home to the Official B.P.R.D. Training Camp (aka Hellboy camp).

The camp is a collaboration between Trackers Earth and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, and immerses kids 9-17 in tactical training of all forms, including survival skills in any environment (both earthly and non), martial arts and self-defense specific to praeternatural entities, hand to hand weaponry (foam swords, bows and more) and forensic investigation.

9 to 10 year olds get to “train survival and field skills in local greenspaces. They also spend their day investigating the haunted history of our city, piecing together the larger mystery revolving around the legend of Adolph Aschoff.”

While those aged 11-13 & 14-17 “investigate nearby “haunts”, then finally travel to Camp Trackers near Sandy, Oregon to investigate reports of dark figures and strange happenings at the remnants of the old defunct town of Marmot. Here they search for legendary and lost pioneer cemetery (true story) to ask local spectres and spirits about the town’s history and the legend of Adolph Aschoff, the man who is said to have sealed away an ancient evil upon the founding of the town.”

Check out the camp’s website for more details and registration information.

(via BleedingCool)


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